Full Truckload Pricing - Is that price a Joke? 

Posted On 31th May 2016

FTL Freight Online Prices Some trucking companies seem to have all the fun.  A local New England independent operator we know won't pull any of his 6 trucks out of the garage unless he's making at least $3.50/mile (loaded mile) - and he's busy and often pulls for $4/mile. Granted, he is usually hauling refrigerated cargo of produce and has to deal with grocery warehouses and crazy delivery times.  But, he rarely feels it is worth his time to take dry freight unless it is only a few skids, an easy pick and ...

Best 10 New Ideas For Traffic Managers & Logistics Directors to Shake Things Up 

Posted On 20th May 2016

Ideas for Logistics Directors Idea #1Arrange someone else – besides you – to track truckers and provide every 2 hour or every 4 hour updates via text or email.  An aggressive 3PL should be willing to do it.Idea #2Put out a new global Request for Quotes – all your past business listed – see what 3PL or 2-3 carriers even can service ALL your business most efficientlyIdea #3Never sign a 3PL contract – there is no need – LET THEM EARN YOUR BUSINESS EVERY DAYIdea #4SPOT PRICE YOUR SHIPMENT ...