DMC Density Minimum Charge – an Alternative Way for Common Carriers to Apply their Minimum Cubic Capacity Charges  

Posted On 18th June 2016

Freight Tips. Did You Know? The DMC clauses of various tariffs starts with what seems a not totally unreasonable proposition:Any shipment which is 750 cubic feet or greater and has a density of less than six pounds per cubic foot is eligible for a Density Minimum Charge.I know, you are an experienced shipper or buyer of freight services, and have never heard of DMC, and you don’t ship 750 cft shipments?  Unfortunately, you are still in danger even if your shipments are considerably smaller than that.Basically wh ...

Uber Model For Trucking Faces Slow Adoption In U.S. Trucking World 

Posted On 6th June 2016

Uber for Freight? The “Uber-ization” of the US Trucking industry, though underway, suffers from slow uptake by Silicon Valley standards.  Most drivers on the road are not independent drivers, and the degree of specialization or industry fragmentation by type of load, lane, delivery and even pickup requirements are all realities working against easy commoditization of our industry.Still the idea of the Uber model is one that can work to some degree.  It would be a benefit to brokers, for inst ...

Why Sometimes You Should Switch to Full Truckload From Less Than Truckload? 

Posted On 5th June 2016

Urgent Shipments Sometimes the freight has to be there or "heads will roll" - maybe yours - or at least you'll have a major issue because your client's factory has to shut down.  Or perhaps your sample materials miss the salesman appointment in Peoria.  Or worse - perhaps all or just a part of the pieces of your exhibit are missing from the skid  for the trade show though the BOL was signed clean - as a result your whole show team's efforts and travel expense has been wasted - and a primary chance ...