Should I Know My NMFC# When Shipping? Does The National Motor Freight Classification Item Number Really Need to Be On the Bill of Lading (BOL)? 

Posted On 24th July 2016

What Is My NMFC? Short answer is YES – if you want to protect your company from up-charges during shipping you must do the research, and select the right National Motor Freight Classification Number for the particular commodity you are shippingCommon carriers have the right to charge you additionally for products whose density might indicate a lower class, but whose NMFC item number corresponds to a higher class.  According to the NMFC commodity system, density is not the only determining factor. &nbs ...

Amazon Sellers Save Money & Time Shipping Your Inventory Replenishments to Amazon Fulfillment Centers 

Posted On 15th July 2016

Amazon Sellers Shipments Are you an Amazon seller, looking for a competitive edge to boost your business profitability? Use FreightRun’s automated system to find negotiated rates and carriers that can deliver your freight faster and cheaper to Amazon’s Fulfillment Centers. Here is what our existing Amazon Sellers are saying about our services:“Faster transit and delivery than Amazon's partner carrier. Your inventory will be available for sale faster”“Same day freight pickup. It takes 2-4 da ...