What is Logistics Management? Definition from 

Posted On 22th January 2016

“Logistics Management” or “supply chain management” is a perspective of business management with the goal of optimizing efficiency in the movement from raw materials to finished product with the goal of both increased profitability but also in the attempt to developing strategic advantages over the competition.  To these ends, logistics management focus on planning, freight pricing, inventory optimization, process strategies, and ensuring that customer needs and orde ...

Is CH Robinson a dinosaur?  

Posted On 21th January 2016

Is CH Robinson a dinosaur? When a company gets too big, runs out of ideas, and is losing market what can it do?  It can buy other companies, engage in financial engineering, and use its profits to expand globally.  Is CHR worth it s stock market valuation of 19X earnings when most brokerages in US would sell for 3 to 5X earnings? … What do you all think?

FMCSA to Cut Rate of Driver Drug Testing to 25%; Says Decrease to Save Industry $50 MIllion 

Posted On 10th January 2016

Interesting in light of the Land Air Express of New England shutdown over related concerns that the FMCSA decided to decrease the drug testing rate by half – from 50% to 25%.  Such actions and the recent incident we are certain are not related; but fantastic that this change has been made!The FMCSA top administrator Scott Darling and his staff must should be saluted for their willingness to temper a powerful but unnecessarily intrusive and burdensome tool.  They have objectively ...

Land Air Express of New England’s Authority Reinstated  

Posted On 9th January 2016

DOT had shut down this regional carrier for violations it had failed to address driver drug and alcohol violations given in late October.  Allegedly Land Air had failed to conduct random tests at the required rate, had failed also to test after accidents, continued to employ a driver who had tested positive for some controlled substance, and continued to employ a driver who didn’t have all the proper licensing. Unfortunately, we don’t know the details beyond that but it is hard to ...

Common Carrier Inspections, Weight Inspections, Charging Extra Even for 1"!  

Posted On 8th January 2016

Unfortunately Common Carriers in their drive to maximize revenue are digging deeper and deeper into their Tariffs and using every tool possible to charge their clients more money.You really need these days – unless you ship the exact same freight class and NMFC# including the sub number precisely the same – you really need to measure each pallet when you going for pallet pricing – approximate is not good enough.   If you are a shipper invest in a scale – it is the ri ...