Volume LTL Shipments 

Posted On 29th August 2016

Want a discount when you ship 4 skids or more?  Or want to avoid unexpected charges from LTL common carriers when they arbitrarily and inconsistently enforce their cubic capacity and Density Minimum Charge (DMC)? Want your shipment with a contract carrier who loads your freight and it doesn’t get touched until it is unloaded at your customer’s dock?Calling every LTL carrier you know does not always yield you the best deal and best service, so instead, consider letting FreightRun ...

Who Does LTL Trucker Carrier Reviews Better Than Anyone On The Internet? 

Posted On 28th August 2016

LTL Carrier Reviews Well, we don’t know but we encourage all of our clients to help one another out and post honest carrier feedback after the shipment has been delivered.FreighRun does its level best to steer clients to the carrier most likely to perform the best in a particular lane.  However, it is your decision – the freight payer, freight booker, traffic manager or logistics director – whatever your title is, to pick from among the carriers presented by FreightRun’s Freight Calcula ...

Tips on How to Ship a Pallet via LTL Truck 

Posted On 6th August 2016

shrink wrapping skid Shipment Weight - Know the weight of the skid and your goods in advance, add some weight for the packaging materialsPosition on Skid - Make sure you have your product or whatever you are shipping as squarely and evenly on the skid so it doesn't wobble and strain/break the straps you will use to keep it on the skid. Make sure none of your product/goods hang OVER the edge of the skid.Shrink Wrap Over The Skid - For an extra good measure I like to put scrap cardboard around all sides of the skid an ...