Hiring the Perfect Logistics Director or Traffic Manager? Think Twice 

Posted On 27th April 2016

Hiring Logistic Manager First, make sure you really need one.  These days, many COOs, CEOs and even CFOs are generally happy to hire a 3PL or 4PL – a freight broker with analytics and tech ability – that can do everything a traditional Traffic Manager can do and provide the reports to prove it.  Generally, unless you are spending more than $2 million in freight charges per year, your bottom line will be better served by having a 3PL provide the oversight and services you need.The most efficient 3PLs can give ...

Export, Import & Product Liability 

Posted On 20th April 2016

Import Export Liability If you import or export your product, how can you limit your product liability? What if your product is on a truck involved in a fatal accident?  What if someone is injured using your product incorrectly? How can you protect yourself?   What alternatives do you have?In order to manage such risks, some businesses are turning to Export Trading Companies which act as the legal exporters and importers of their products.  As the legal seller or owner of the goods, the Export Trading Co ...

Advanced Transportation Strategy - Four Key Goals 

Posted On 17th April 2016

Logistics Strategies You are the new CFO, Traffic Manager, Transportation or Logistics or Supply Chain Director and are tasked with supervising and managing logistics.  What should be your goal?  What legacy will you leave your company?We believe your company will be best served if your goals are: Built in FlexibilityDeveloping a system that takes advantage of every capacity option available in each lane will ensure lower transit times and happier clients.  The goal of lower risks of failure, man ...