Freight Transportation Index January Report 

Posted On 16th March 2015

There has been a decline in the Freight Transportation Index from December to January. The decline has actually been observed in two months consecutively, the US Bureau of Transportation statistics recently reported. The Index decline has been attributed to several factors including the downward trend in air freight, trucking and waterborne shipping. The other reason that could explain the declining Index is the slow growth in production of orders and inventory in the transportation sector.If yo ...

What is the Freight Transportation Services Index and Why is it Important? 

Posted On 1st March 2015

The Freight Transportation Services Index, commonly abbreviated as TSI is a measure of the volume of services that are performed by the transportation sector. This Index not only covers the number of activities in the freight carriers but also the passenger carriers. Using this Index, you can obtain information on how the transportation service is performing month after month. It can even be used with other economic indicators to help analysts better understand the state of the economy. The Inde ...