Freight Shipping from Canada or Mexico into the U.S 

Posted On 22th February 2015

Freight shipping from Canada or Mexico to the United States can be done in a smooth and stress-free manner with the right shipping company. We developed our state of the art freight calculator to provide freight quotes from over fifty leading shipping companies. We have also learned a thing or two about shipping goods from Canada or Mexico into the United States. Many commercial carriers experience difficulties because they failed to honor some basic requirements. Commercial carriers an ...

What are Standard Freight Carrier Alpha Codes 

Posted On 15th February 2015

The Standard Carrier Alpha Code (or SCAC) is a highly recognized four letter code used to uniquely identify transportation companies. The code was developed by the National Motor Freight Traffic Association in the 1960s as a way of digitizing the industry. In fact there are carriers who are not allowed to operate without maintaining a valid SCAC. Standard Freight Carrier Alpha Codes are recognized by government agencies, other commercial shippers as well as carriers. In fact, it can be ...

Free Freight Rate Calculator for Faster Freight Quotes Online 

Posted On 6th February 2015

We recently unveiled a brand new freight rate calculator that provides businesses of all sizes instant 24/7 access to LTL freight quotes from top North American carriers. We developed to be the leading online platform for freight quotes and a tool for lower freight costs and recently added new features and innovations to our freight calculator to make it simple to use our online LTL and FTL freight rate search and booking system.  Our ongoing enhancements are speciall ...