Largest Truckers Report Record Revenue 

Posted On 15th April 2015

According to a recent study published by SJ Consulting Group, the year 2014 saw the 50 largest U.S. trucking companies increase their combined revenue by 10 percent, to $117 billion in combined revenue. This is by far the best performance of these companies since 2011 and edges towards doubling the 5.5 percent growth rate enjoyed in 2013. In four of the last six quarters, the US economy grew by more than 3.5 percent. This upward trend grew to 4.6 percent and 5 percent in the second and third qua ...

CASS Freight Index February Report 

Posted On 1st April 2015

The CASS Freight Index can be used to observe monthly changes in the level of freight shipping activity. This includes the volumes of freight shipping that have been observed during a certain month as well as the expenditures in the sector. The CASS Freight Index involved hundreds of clients who dominate different industries and takes into account their domestic freight shipments. January 1990 is used as the base month so you can obtain historical data.In the February report, there was a signifi ...