What is the Difference Between an LTL and FTL Shipment 

Posted On 31th December 2014

LTL or FTL?  That is the question.  What is the difference and why does it matter for your business?LTL means “less than a truckload” or that the goods will not take up most of the truck.  So for those companies that have smaller shipments and weigh 150-pounds or more and will not fill a truck – LTL is the way to go.  Our company works with dozens of the best LTL carriers to get a free freight quote for your next shipment. With LTL shipments – tru ...

20 Freight Shipping Facts and Statistics 

Posted On 14th December 2014

At FreightRun, we provide our clients with a free instant freight quote from up to 75 of the top shipping companies in North America with our easy to use interactive web site.Freight shipping is big business in the United States – moving millions of tons from individuals and businesses from coast to coast every day.  We've compiled some of the most interesting freight shipping facts and statistics highlighting the importance of freight transportation in the United States.In ...